Adventure 3 – The Treasure Hunt

$ 23.77 (USD)

Adventure 3 – The Treasure Hunt

SKU V3300 – The Treasure Hunt Activity Kit Category

$ 23.77 (USD)

Jack and Lailah, joined by Beebo and Anee, pack all their explorer things for yet another adventure. Jack and Lilah learn about how the Peekabeans left Peekaville to explore the Secret Garden and lost their way back. They follow the clues to the Rainbow Tree over an ice bridge and into a secret cave where they find Peekabean Amoo and bring him home.


What’s included ?

  • 32-page fully illustrated, interactive storybook. Use the app to scan markers and unlock the audio feature, games and much more!
  • Aunt Nellie Podcast Postcard. Listen to a 7-minute podcast story from world renowned explorer, Aunt Nellie!
  • Peekabean Badge. Watch Peekabean friend come to life with 3D character animation feature. Each Peekabean has a unique look and personality!
  • 1x Location Sticker
  • The Scavenger Hunt Card Game
  • Illustrated Instructions

Active Play Component: The Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Play 2 different games with this beautifully illustrated 52-piece card set.

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