A partnership made for kids and play

Peekabeans Club is brought to you by two companies that know kids and play. PKBeans, a kids apparel brand, and For Heroes Only, a cross platform production studio.

The mission of both companies involves designing for kids and supporting imaginative play.

Peekabeans Club’s magical universe, mixed reality fun, and balanced approach to technology evoke the spirit of this partnership.
“It gives us such joy to spark kids’ imaginations! The mix of stories, games, and playful adventures The Peekabeans Club offers is perfect for growing kids”
“We poured our hearts into every element of the Peekabeans storyworld and it’s so rewarding to hear the rave reviews from kids and parents.

We love that our playful creations have such a positive impact on kids’ healthy development.”

Traci Costa


François Paradis

CEO & Executive Producer For Heroes Only

Creative Team

Cross platform story adventures contain a host of different elements. To create every Peekabeans Club monthly adventure, a range of creative skills are needed – from storycrafting, character design and illustration, to game design, animation, 3D modeling, AR and sound design.
For Heroes Only brings together diverse talents from across the globe whose passion is to create compellingly storycrafted and exquisitely designed adventures.

Meet the creative team behind the Peekabeans:

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