Activity Kit 4 - The Greenhouse

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Jack, Lilah and Beebo are heading for the greenhouse. And guess what? Beebo’s leading the way! Do you think there’s a green thumb in their little group? Once there, they all work together, plant the seeds and watch them quickly grow into an entire amusement park – full of animals! They meet Leela, a Peekabean who knows everything about the amusement park!


What’s included ?

  • 32-page fully illustrated, interactive storybook. Use the app to scan markers and unlock the audio feature, games and much more!
  • Aunt Nellie Podcast Postcard. Listen to a 7-minute podcast story from world renowned explorer, Aunt Nellie!
  • Peekabean Badge. Watch Peekabean friend come to life with 3D character animation feature. Each Peekabean has a unique look and personality!
  • 1x Location Sticker
  • Illustrated Instructions

Active Play Component: The Balancing Garden Game

Build your 3D Balancing Garden as high as you can! Just add beautiful colorful leaves and beautiful blossoms to a balancing base. But watch out. Too many leaves and it might fall over!

So much to explore ...

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