A new kind
of story adventure!

Take your kids on a cross platform rollercoaster of fun!
Immerse them in the magical lives of Jack and Lilah and the Peekabeans Club through reading, listening and play!

The cross platform story experience is unlike any other kids’ book or game. It entertains and teaches core skills through a collection of stories across multiple media. Everything ties into one big adventure that unfolds over six months!

A one of a kind experience.

Every month, for six months, you receive a story package in the mail containing a storybook, playset, collectibles, plus digitally activated podcasts, animated shorts and augmented reality. Dive in and explore!
The story interweaves across all the story elements, play challenges and digital experiences. Each monthly adventure contains a stand-alone narrative, but there’s a bigger story that needs all six months to complete!

Hours of fun

Each adventure contains hours of fun and games for kids age 3 to 6 and their families. Younger explorers may require guidance from an adult.

Gaming experiences are designed for repeat playing, and both individual and multi-player games are included every month.

What parents say

“If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Peekabeans Club is it. It’s unlike any other gift or toy.”

“You open your first package and “BAM!” you’re on a six month rollercoaster of fun.”

“I wasn’t sure what cross platform storytelling was before signing up. It’s so cool to follow the story across all these modes!”

“I am super impressed. The games are educational and fun, the storyline is engaging, and the fictional universe is super creative.”

A new way of learning

Peekabeans Club educates and entertains.
The creators are a team of professional kid experts and award-winning storytellers who were inspired to take children on a new kind of narrative journey.
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